Extensio: Revista Eletrônica de Extensão (2019-12-01)

The understanding of Londrina Rural School managers on the action of Social Works in the area of Education

  • Claudia Neves da Silva,
  • Flávia Silva de Oliveira

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 34
pp. 34 – 46


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The school is an institution in which daily manifests itself a multiplicity of situations lived and brought by students, teachers and family, such as disputes, conflicts, friendships, anguishes, fruit of the material and subjective conditions of the subjects. From this finding, came the interest to know the point of view of managers regarding the possibility of Social Work in a school institution, particularly institutions located in 2 (two) rural districts of Londrina, with the purpose of building an intervention methodology based on their expectations. Thus, between 2016 and 2018 visits were made to municipal public schools located in rural districts and interviews with 4 (four) managers of these schools, to attend one of the stages of the Social Work Extension Project in the area of Education, linked to the Department of Social Work, State University of Londrina. This article aims to present the results of the interviews and the proposal of a methodology of intervention of Social Work in schools located in rural regions.