Journal of Work and Organizational Psychology (Dec 2022)

Human Resources Analytics: A systematic Review from a Sustainable Management Approach

  • Francisco J. Álvarez-Gutiérrez,
  • Dianna L. Stone,
  • Ana M. Castaño,
  • Antonio L. García-Izquierdo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 38, no. 3
pp. 129 – 147


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Human Resources Analytics (HRA) is drawing more attention every year, and will be crucial to human resource development. However, the literature around the topic would appear to be more promotional than descriptive. With this in mind, we conducted a systematic literature review and content analysis with the following objectives: first, to address the current state of HRA and second, to propose a framework for the development of HRA as a sustainable practice. We analyzed 79 articles from research databases and found 34 empirical studies for subsequent content analysis. While the main results reflect the relative newness of the field of HRA, with the majority of the empirical articles focusing on financial aspects, they also reveal the growing importance given to ethics. Finally, we propose a framework for the development of sustainable HRA based on the triple bottom line and discuss the implications of our findings for researchers and practitioners.