Metalurgija (Jan 2016)

Reaction kinetics of the formation of intermetallic Fe – Zn during hot - dip galvanizing of steel

  • P. Pokorny,
  • J. Kolisko,
  • L. Balik,
  • P. Novak

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 55, no. 1
pp. 111 – 114


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This review article mainly describes the composition of intermetallic Fe - Zn, i.e. zeta (ζ), delta (δ1k + δ1p), gamma1 (Γ1) and gamma (Γ) on galvanized steel during low temperature galvanization (t ~ 450 °C). It gives detailed the formation, growth of individual phases during galvanization and their interaction. In terms of the kinetics, the formation of the coating is defined by a parabolic kinetic equation of the growth of different intermetallic phases under ideal conditions. From the available literature the rate constants of the formation of individual intermetallic phases and also for the total coating are cited. The composition of the intermetallic phases, iron content, crystal structure, and group symmetry in which the surface of galvanized steel forms.