Desenvolvimento e Meio Ambiente (Dec 2014)

Enhancing Ecosystem Stewardship in Small-Scale Fisheries: Prospects for Latin America and the Caribbean

  • Rodrigo Pereira Medeiros,
  • Thiago Zagonel Serafin,
  • Patrick McConney

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 32
pp. 181 – 191


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Despite recognition of small-scale fisheries (SSF) contribution to livelihood diversity and food security worldwide, a better understanding of their social and ecological dynamics is required. This paper is a synthesis of the main findings from the special issue “Enhancing ecosystem stewardship in small-scale fisheries” published in this journal. Contributors explored ecosystem stewardship in three dimensions: impacts, monitoring and stewardship. Results suggested that ecosystem stewardship encompasses collaborative action to foster: i) new perspectives on SSF management; ii) a broader perspective on managers and stakeholders – as stewards for implementing these new perspectives; and iii) enabling environments through partnership, networking, communication and collective action. This special issue is an output from the Too Big to Ignore (TBTI) Working Group 4 - “Enhancing the Stewardship”. TBTI is a global research network and knowledge mobilization partnership intended to better comprehend SSF contributions on issues such as food security and poverty alleviation, as well as the associated impacts of global changes, through the efforts of diverse partners around the world.