Placement of Data Array Replicas in a Distributed System With Unreliable Communication Channels

Applied Computer Systems. 2019;24(1):69-74 DOI 10.2478/acss-2019-0009


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Journal Title: Applied Computer Systems

ISSN: 2255-8691 (Online)

Publisher: Sciendo

Society/Institution: Riga Technical University (Latvia)

LCC Subject Category: Science: Mathematics: Instruments and machines: Electronic computers. Computer science: Computer software

Country of publisher: Poland

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Kulba Vladimir (Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia)

Somov Sergey (Institute of Control Sciences of Russian Academy of Science, Moscow, Russia)

Merkuryev Yuri (Riga Technical University, Riga, Latvia)


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The paper proposes an approach to solving the problem of optimal placement of data array replicas in a distributed system. It presents a formal model of a distributed system with unreliable communication channels. A system is represented as a graph with coloured arcs. The formulation of the problem of finding the optimal placement of replicas is given. As a criterion for optimization, the minimum response time to a data request is considered. The task solution heuristic algorithm is also proposed in the paper.