Acta Iuris Stetinensis (2015-01-01)

Dochodzenie roszczeń odszkodowawczych w świetle art. 29 k.r.o

  • Szymon Słotwiński

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9


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In the publication was presented a issue of the pursuing claims for compensation by one spouse for the damage caused by traffic accident to another spouse in the light of Article 29 k.r.o. [polish Family and Guardianship Code ]. The considerations was begun from defining the term of the “passing obstacle” and determine the influence of this condition on the ability to act on behalf of and for the injured spouse. Then after indications on the basis of substantive law analysis relating to Article 29 k.r.o. of possible claims for damages was presented a scope of and way to the representation of the spouse to redress the damage caused to the other spouse as a result of the car accident. It was also made an attempt to justify the legitimation of a spouse, in the light of allowable compensation claims, to initiate appropriate proceedings against the insurer, and then before the court. Translated by Szymon Słotwiński