Informatică economică (2013-01-01)

Mobile Technology: Binding Social and Cloud into a New Enterprise Applications Platform

  • Luminita HURBEAN,
  • Doina FOTACHE

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 2
pp. 73 – 83


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Nowadays, the IT industry is revolving around the build-out and adoption of a new platform, characterized by mobility, cloud-based application and service delivery, and value-generating overlays of social business and pervasive analytics. The paper explores the convergence of mobile, cloud, and social, as well as the effects for the enterprise and the emergence of the new enterprise application platforms. In the beginning we set the stage, while showing the ex-pansion of the mobile, cloud, and social in the business information system, as they were found in the literature. We then look over the IT trends, especially the consumerization of IT, as reasons and basis for the information systems embracing of mobile. Afterwards, we present a mobility roadmap for the enterprise and illustrate the reconfiguration of the enterprise ap-plication platform.