Nature Communications (Jun 2020)

Ocean and land forcing of the record-breaking Dust Bowl heatwaves across central United States

  • Tim Cowan,
  • Gabriele C. Hegerl,
  • Andrew Schurer,
  • Simon F. B. Tett,
  • Robert Vautard,
  • Pascal Yiou,
  • Aglaé Jézéquel,
  • Friederike E. L. Otto,
  • Luke J. Harrington,
  • Benjamin Ng

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 1
pp. 1 – 9


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In the 1930s, the US was hit by a severe drought and record-breaking heatwaves in a period known as the Dust Bowl. Here, the authors present model experiments that suggest that warm North Atlantic temperatures and human devegetation played key roles in making these heatwaves particularly strong.