Revista MENDIVE (Jun 2004)

Energy education in junior high school: some ideas for their implementation in school practice

  • Amado Paula Acosta,
  • Iris Marrero Mojena,
  • Israel Hernández Rodríguez

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 3
pp. 152 – 159


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Current educational transformations in our country make the fundamental emphasis in secondary education Basic, which is where the most radical changes. The new model is presented as so basic comprehensive training of adolescents, standing within the aspects that distinguish this training, energy education school, ie the development of an energy awareness to ensure a responsible social action in relation to use of energy. The diagnosis of the current state of this process in our province throws us difficulties in teaching conception of it, as a result of inadequate preparation still have our Comprehensive General Teachers. In this article we make a proposal of how to didactically conceive the process of energy education in junior high schools, as part of comprehensive adolescent training process, articulating with the teaching process - education for each subject of the school curriculum.