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Toward a comprehensive language for biological systems

BMC Biology. 2011;9(1):68 DOI 10.1186/1741-7007-9-68


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Journal Title: BMC Biology

ISSN: 1741-7007 (Online)

Publisher: BMC

LCC Subject Category: Science: Biology (General)

Country of publisher: United Kingdom

Language of fulltext: English

Full-text formats available: PDF, HTML



Faeder James R


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Time From Submission to Publication: 9 weeks


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<p>Abstract</p> <p>Rule-based modeling has become a powerful approach for modeling intracellular networks, which are characterized by rich molecular diversity. Truly comprehensive models of cell behavior, however, must address spatial complexity at both the intracellular level and at the level of interacting populations of cells, and will require richer modeling languages and tools. A recent paper in <it>BMC Systems Biology </it>represents a signifcant step toward the development of a unified modeling language and software platform for the development of multi-level, multiscale biological models.</p> <p>See research article: <url></url></p>