Teoretické očakávania a skutočné výstupy volebných systémov: Ako merať veľkosť deviácie?

Central European Political Studies Review. 2017;19(3-4):189-214 DOI 10.5817/CEPSR.2017.34.189


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Journal Title: Central European Political Studies Review

ISSN: 1213-2691 (Print); 1212-7817 (Online)

Publisher: Masaryk University

Society/Institution: International Institute of Political Science

LCC Subject Category: Political science: Political theory

Country of publisher: Czechia

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Miroslav Nemčok

Jakub Šedo


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The paper criticizes current conceptual frameworks focused on the evaluation of the performance of electoral systems. It offers a new tool allowing researchers to measure the size of the deviation of electoral outcomes from theoretical expectations. The index d = log[NS/(MS)1/6] is built on the Seat Product Model (Taagepera 2007b) and captures the deviations of electoral outcomes from predictions solely on the basis of two institutional factors – average district magnitude (M) and size of assembly (S). The theoretical background of index d is explained, and its reliability is further supported by conventional econometric methods based on empirical data.