O leitmotiv arqueológico de Foucault no Prefácio de História da Loucura

Princípios. 2008;15(23):65-87


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Augusto Bach


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The main objective of this article is to analyze the philosophical problems of Michel Foucault’s archeological history presented in the beginning of his thought. His work, at the same time philosophical and related to historical science, has as its main goal to accomplish an archeology of our culture. Since Madness and Civilization, Foucault has been always interested in showing how our culture sought to understand what was the fundamentally the “other” in man. Reading the first Preface to Madness and Civilization we desire in this article to understand how the concepts of reason and madness are linked together in this first step of his work. It is about this philosophical problem that this article will deal in attempting to understand the philosophical position of this new way of writing history.