Journal of Big Data (Oct 2021)

Machine learning-based identification of patients with a cardiovascular defect

  • Nabaouia Louridi,
  • Samira Douzi,
  • Bouabid El Ouahidi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 1
pp. 1 – 15


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Abstract Cardiovascular diseases had been for a long time one of the essential medical problems. As indicated by the World Health Association, heart ailments are at the highest point of ten leading reasons for death. Correct and early identification is a vital step in rehabilitation and treatment. To diagnose heart defects, it would be necessary to implement a system able to predict the existence of heart diseases. In the current article, our main motivation is to develop an effective intelligent medical system based on machine learning techniques, to aid in identifying a patient’s heart condition and guide a doctor in making an accurate diagnosis of whether or not a patient has cardiovascular diseases. Using multiple data processing techniques, we address the problem of missing data as well as the problem of imbalanced data in the publicly available UCI Heart Disease dataset and the Framingham dataset. Furthermore, we use machine learning to select the most effective algorithm for predicting cardiovascular diseases. Different metrics, such as accuracy, sensitivity, F-measure, and precision, were used to test our system, demonstrating that the proposed approach significantly outperforms other models.