Akofena (Jun 2024)

Challenges of achieving Human Security in the Era of Cyber Warfare and the Implications of virtual Reality

  • Halima AICHE

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 02, no. 12


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Abstract:Our intervention came to shed light on the relationship of human security and practical reality, but within a digital approach and electronic reality, by talking about human security in light of cyber wars, so achieving human security is no longer limited to embodying health, economic, military and political security, but rather transcending the actual natural reality to a virtual reality made by the new information and communication technology and made it an arena for conflicts and ideological wars using new electronic weapons that suit the nature of the technological context of the information age, which required the attention of many Official and informal bodies trying to find guarantees to protect and achieve human security in the digital environment, while at the same time setting challenges to achieve it, prompted us to ask the following question:What are the implications of cyber warfare on human security? Keywords:c yber warfare; human security; the implications; virtual reality; cyber wars.