Campylomorphus homalisinus (Elateridae): a new species for Lombardy (Italy), with notes on its ecology, distribution and biogeography

Biodiversity Data Journal. 2014;2:1-11 DOI 10.3897/BDJ.2.e1075


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Journal Title: Biodiversity Data Journal

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Paolo Biella
Riccardo Groppali


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Campylomorphus homalisinus has been found on Mt. Lesima (Northern Apennines) and it is the first record for the Lombardy region. C. homalisinus is a rare orophilous species: it has a discontinuous chorology that may have been caused by glaciers dynamics during the Pleistocene era. Little is known about the ecology of the species. This record and the expert-based investigation we performed determined that C. homalisinus inhabits shrublands and grasslands, but may also occur in the forests. This survey includes the only record of C. homalisinus foraging on flowers, a behavior that is not rare in the family Elateridae. We hypothesize that adults integrate their diet with flower resources according to a generalist strategy.