Civilizar (Jun 2012)

Civic education, key to democratic consolidation

  • Roberto Mardones Arévalo

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 22
pp. 93 – 110


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Assuming the importance for Chile to deepen and improve its democratic system, this article aims first to recognize the status of citizen progressive distancing of political affairs, especially in the youngest segment, based on data provided by various surveys and studies for the period 1990 to 2010. The realization of the above situation leads us to propose that generate citizen involvement is correlated to the field of politics, that citizens understand the importance of political participation, which is made from the educational base. From our perspective, the problem lies in citizenship education, which would be deficient or misguided. Thus, the second objective of this study is to understand the role that has met the Chilean educational system, however the education reform process launched since 1997 has not, apparently, with the formula that involves the creation of citizenship committed to their surroundings and with the complexities of the context of open societies and permeable in a global context.