Journal of Information Technology Management (Dec 2017)

Identifying the Effective Components of Information Security Management in Information Technology of Iranian Offshore Oil Company

  • Yaser Seif,
  • Nahid Naderi beni

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 9, no. 4
pp. 851 – 870


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Security problems and barriers are one of the most fundamental issues in information systems. Security has long been regarded as an integral part of IT infrastructure. In this regard, the present research aimed to identify the effective components of information security management in Iran's Offshore Oil Company Information Technology. The population of this research includes Iran's Offshore Oil Company IT managers and experts. The research is considered as mixed method in nature. In the qualitative section, the effectiveness components were identified using semi-structured interviews. Then these identified components were developed in the form of a secondary questionnaire and proposed to the population so the necessary data were collected. Data analysis was performed using SPSS20 and Lisrel software. The results of the research showed the components related to technical human, managerial, leadership, financial and economic issues, components related to management and leadership issues affecting information security management of information technology department of Iran's offshore oil company.