Plasma Transferred ARC (PTA) Hardfacing of Recycled Hardmetal Reinforced Nickel-matrix Surface Composites

Medžiagotyra. 2012;18(1):12-17 DOI 10.5755/


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Journal Title: Medžiagotyra

ISSN: 1392-1320 (Print); 2029-7289 (Online)

Publisher: Kaunas University of Technology

Society/Institution: KTU

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Mining engineering. Metallurgy

Country of publisher: Lithuania

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Arkadi ZIKIN (AC²T research GmbH, Tallinn University of Technology)
Sotiraq ILO (AC²T research GmbH)
Priit KULU (Tallinn University of Technology)
Irina HUSSAINOVA (Tallinn University of Technology)
Christian KATSICH (AC²T research GmbH)
Ewald BADISCH (AC²T research GmbH)


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The aim of this work was to apply coarse recycled hardmetal particles in combination with Ni-based matrix to produce wear resistant metal matrix composite (MMC) thick coatings using plasma transferred arc hardfacing (PTA) technology. Assignment of hardmetal waste as initial material can significantly decrease the production costs and improve the mechanical properties of coatings and, consequently, increase their wear resistance. The microstructure of MMC fabricated from a recycled powder was examined by optical and SEM/EDS microscopes, whereas quantitative analyses were performed by image analysis method. Micro-mechanical properties, including hardness and elastic modulus of features, were measured by nanoindentation. Furthermore, behaviour of materials subjected to abrasive and impact conditions was studied. Results show the recycled powder provides hardfacings of high quality which can be successfully used in the fabrication of wear resistant MMC coatings by PTA-technology.<p>DOI: <a href=""></a></p>