Arquivos Brasileiros de Psicologia (Apr 2012)

Ansiedade, depressão e estresse em pacientes com síndrome metabólica

  • Martha Wallig Brusius Ludwig,
  • Catherine Bortolon,
  • Marcela Bortolini,
  • Ana Maria Feoli,
  • Fabrício Edler Macagnan,
  • Margareth da Silva Oliveira

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 64, no. 1
pp. 31 – 46


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Metabolic Syndrome (MS) is a set of risk factors for cardiovascular disease related to a unhealthy lifestyle. Some studies indicate the presence of psychological complications like depression, anxiety and stress in these patients. The evaluation of these is essential to an individualized treatment designed the patients improve and compliance to the guidelines. This study aims to present a socio-demographic description and the anxiety, depression and stress of participants of the program Modification of Lifestyle for Cardiovascular Risk developed in the city Porto Alegre, RS. Most of the 38 participants were female (78,9%) and had completed higher education (42,1%). In relation to the other aspects evaluated, 31.6% had moderate symptoms of depression, 55.3% were in the resistance stage of stress, 47.4% had minimal symptoms of anxiety and 86.8% had medium to high probability develop stress-related illnesses.