Cхід (Nov 2013)

Development of public-private partnerships in coal mining industry

  • Marina Hrakova

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 0, no. 5(125)


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The paper addresses the problem of investment support of the coal industry of Ukraine, highlighted the problem of objective and subjective, preventing large-scale investment development of the industry. One solution to the problem of investment support coal mining enterprises defined public- private partnerships as a form of mutually beneficial cooperation between the government, the coal industry and the financial and industrial sector of Ukraine. In this case, the authors identified the main characteristics of partnership: general purpose and individual tasks of each partner, the list of their powers, the potential risks and cooperation mechanism. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of national legislation in the field of public- private partnerships and provide direction to improve it according to the needs of the coal industry of Ukraine in the part of the subject composition, the main features of partnership and the principles of its implementation. The necessity of the process approach to the management of public- private partnerships in the sector. In this regard, the primary organizational components of the partnership project defined the concept stage (stages) of the life cycle of its implementation and the selection criteria and assess the feasibility of its implementation. The paper proposes a conceptual diagram of the implementation of public- private partnership with the release of top performers, jobs, and a list of action to achieve maximum effect. Thus, in the first phase of the partnership of paramount importance is the determination of whether it should for each of the participants, while the main contractor defined state, which forms the goals and objectives of cooperation, creates the necessary framework and defines a list of tactical activities, on the second step, the definition of the forms of interaction and the terms of cooperation by selecting the subjective and objective of partnership and modeling of their interaction, the third step, the implementation of public-private partnerships and evaluation of development of the industry. It was determined that the efficiency of the private public depends on the effectiveness of the preparatory work and, in particular, compliance with the stages of its implementation.