Instruments (Sep 2020)

Real-Time Accelerator Diagnostic Tools for the MAX IV Storage Rings

  • Bernhard Meirose,
  • Viktor Abelin,
  • Fredrik Bertilsson,
  • Benjamin E. Bolling,
  • Mathias Brandin,
  • Michael Holz,
  • Rasmus Høier,
  • Andreas Johansson,
  • Sebastian Kalbfleisch,
  • Per Lilja,
  • Johan S. Lundquist,
  • Stephen Molloy,
  • Filip Persson,
  • Jonas E. Petersson,
  • Hugo Serodio,
  • Robin Svärd,
  • David Winchester

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 26
p. 26


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In this paper, beam diagnostic and monitoring tools developed by the MAX IV Operations Group are discussed. In particular, beam position monitoring and accelerator tunes visualization software tools, as well as tools that directly influence the beam quality and stability, are introduced. An availability and downtime monitoring application is also presented.