On Correlationism and the Philosophy of (Human) Access: Meillassoux and Harman

Open Philosophy. 2020;3(1):42-52 DOI 10.1515/opphil-2020-0003


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Journal Title: Open Philosophy

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Young Niki (University of Malta, Msida, Malta)


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Speculative Realism (SR) has often been characterised as a heterogeneous group of thinkers, united almost exclusively in their commitment to the critique of what Quentin Meillassoux terms ‘correlationism’ or what Graham Harman calls the ‘philosophy of (human) access.’ The terms ‘correlationism’ and ‘philosophy of access’ are in turn often treated – at times even by Meillassoux and Harman themselves – as synonymous. In this paper, I seek to analyse these terms to evaluate their similarities, but also possible differences. I shall argue that the difference between the two terms ought to be retained and emphasised, since it hints at important differences between the positions of Harman and Meillassoux.