Aerosol/Cloud Measurements Using Coherent Wind Doppler Lidars

EPJ Web of Conferences. 2016;119:11002 DOI 10.1051/epjconf/201611911002


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Royer Philippe (LEOSPHERE)

Boquet Matthieu (LEOSPHERE)

Cariou Jean-Pierre (LEOSPHERE)

Sauvage Laurent (LEOSPHERE)

Parmentier Rémy (LEOSPHERE)


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The accurate localization and characterization of aerosol and cloud layers is crucial for climate studies (aerosol indirect effect), meteorology (Planetary Boundary Layer PBL height), site monitoring (industrial emissions, mining,…) and natural hazards (thunderstorms, volcanic eruptions). LEOSPHERE has recently developed aerosol/cloud detection and characterization on WINDCUBE long range Coherent Wind Doppler Lidars (CWDL). These new features combine wind and backscatter intensity informations (Carrier-to-Noise Ratio CNR) in order to detect (aerosol/cloud base and top, PBL height) and to characterize atmospheric structures (attenuated backscatter, depolarization ratio). For each aerosol/cloud functionality the method is described, limitations are discussed and examples are given to illustrate the performances.