Data in Brief (Oct 2022)

Hospitality education evolution observed in online learning dataset

  • Kang-Lin Peng,
  • Jusi Xu,
  • Xin Wang,
  • Huawen Shen

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 44
p. 108525


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The research article ''Realtime Online Courses Mutated amid the COVID-19 Pandemic: Empirical Study in Hospitality Program'' aims to explore the education evolution amid the pandemic [1]. Data were collected by recruiting 956 respondents; 926 responses were adopted after the valid screening through a cooperative survey company. A random sampling of targeted groups was required when outsourcing the data collection to the survey company Wenjuanxing, a platform with a majority population database providing functions equivalent to Amazon Mechanical Turk [2]. We asked the company to deliver the designed questionnaire to teachers and students in hospitality programs. The reliability and validity of all constructs showed that the questionnaire is proper for measurement [3]. Data analysis applied the structural equation model with Mplus to examine the CFA model and research hypothesis. Structural equation modeling was applied to conduct the hypotheses test and model fitness through the statistical tool Mplus. Results imply that the data is suitable for conducting replication studies.