UWB antenna system for mobile bearing finder of radio and television stations

Vìsnik Žitomirsʹkogo Deržavnogo Tehnologìčnogo Unìversitetu: Tehnìčnì Nauki. 2016;1(76):24-32 DOI 10.26642/tn-2016-1(76)-24-32


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Journal Title: Vìsnik Žitomirsʹkogo Deržavnogo Tehnologìčnogo Unìversitetu: Tehnìčnì Nauki

ISSN: 1728-4260 (Print)

Publisher: Zhytomyr State Technological University

Society/Institution: Zhytomyr State Technological University

LCC Subject Category: Technology: Electrical engineering. Electronics. Nuclear engineering: Electronics: Computer engineering. Computer hardware | Technology: Engineering (General). Civil engineering (General)

Country of publisher: Ukraine

Language of fulltext: Russian, Ukrainian, English

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Kyryliuk V.A.
Chernyavskyi H.P.
Mikhieiev Yu.I.,
Pinchuk O.I.


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This research discusses the problem of development and manufacturing of the ultra-wideband (UWB) antenna element and antenna system on the basis of such element for mobile bearing finder of radio and television signals with the use of direction bearing quasi Doppler method. Due to the research results the mobile ultra-wideband antenna system was suggested. Its elements are new ultra-wideband emitters, which can belong to disco-cone antenna class. Ultra-wideband emitters are provided by foil form of the antenna element. The round function of the AS element, obtained by theoretical modeling and confirmed by practical experiments, has an exponential form. The fifth degree polynomial provides the required accuracy approximation. The combination of the radiator elements, their alignment and soldering is carried out by means of specially designed equipment. Checking of the transmitter parameter is done by proportional constant measuring of standing wave, which takes the meaning less than three values in the frequency range from 95 to 900 MHz. This satisfies the requirements of the ultra-wideband antenna direction bearing finder sources of radio signals. The basic parameters and design features of AS are presented.