Local Wisdom (Jul 2022)

Wewowo Local Wisdom in Realizing the Process Sustainable Development

  • Heti Marini,
  • Didik Gunawan Suharto

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 2
pp. 190 – 204


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Local wisdom is the value and dignity of society. It greatly affects all aspects of social life. In other words, local wisdom is an aspect in which there are ways of life, behavior, and knowledge about activities carried out by local people to maintain their culture. The research aims to know the role of local wisdom and explain its implementation in realizing good governance and creating good community development in public policy. The research uses a qualitative approach and data collection methods through interviews and literature studies. The source of data used in this study is primary data, which was analyzed with a descriptive approach. The study results show that the values of local wisdom in the Fakfak district as the basis of social and cultural life have values of accountability, transparency, and public participation called Wewowoor adat deliberations. It is a characteristic of the effort to realize good governance in the Fakfak district. Some of the empirical manifestations of local wisdom embodied in creating good governance are cooperation between the government and indigenous peoples to establish good communication, which will not harm some parties. It is necessary to teach democratic thinking based on ethics and morality to end political taboos in most Fakfak communities