Chemistry of Inorganic Materials (Aug 2024)

Crystal structure of strontium aluminates phosphors containing bismuth oxides

  • O.N. Lis,
  • N.M. Belozerova,
  • S.E. Kichanov,
  • G.P. Shevchenko,
  • Yu.V. Bokshyts,
  • V.A. Zhuravkov,
  • D.P. Kozlenko,
  • A.A. Ushkov,
  • T.N. Vershinina

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3
p. 100045


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The composite phosphors SrAl2O4/Sr3Al2O6:Bi2O3/Bi2O4 synthesized by a solid-phase approach have been studied by means of X-ray diffraction, Raman spectroscopy, and optical spectroscopy methods. A redistribution of Bi3+ ions between two phases was observed by changes in crystal parameters, bond length, and vibrational frequencies on Raman spectra. A relationship between the structure of the host matrix and the optical characteristics of phosphors has been established.