Менеджмент та підприємництво: тренди розвитку (Oct 2021)

Implementation of sustainable development principles in enterprises in the context of consumption safety

  • Kateryna Antoniuk,
  • Anatoly Mokiy,
  • Lyudmila Bukharina,
  • Dmytro Antoniuk

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 17
pp. 8 – 17


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Ensuring of consumption safety in the business environment is facilitated by the introduction of corporate social responsibility, which makes basis for balancing the interests of all stakeholders (society, business, consumer, government, partners, etc.) and creates conditions for raising staff awareness and motivation to ensure safe consumption in the short and long term. The implementation of the principles of consumption security is justified to carry out within the existing quality management systems at enterprises, the operation of which is associated with a number of problems. The proper place of marketing in quality management systems will help both to improve the performance of the principles and to improve the market position of the company on the basis of corporate social responsibility. The aim of the study is to substantiate the areas of consumption safety ensuring at the micro level of the system hierarchy to identify the dominant prerequisites for strengthening the economic security of economic entities through the provision of consumption safety. Methodology: theoretical and methodological basis of the research are the fundamental basics of security studies, globalization, marketing, management, ecology, consumption. To ensure the conceptual integrity of the study, the following methods were used: theoretical generalization, dialectics, analysis and systematization, grouping, desk research. The scientific importance of the work is that the world and domestic experience of using effective mechanisms to ensure the production and consumption safety of goods in accordance with the requirements of sustainable, resource efficient and clean production has been researched, the areas of modernization of quality management system modules with proof of the dominant role of marketing (socio-ethical, environmental, internal, partnership and management) as a mean of interaction with the external environment have been identified; recommendations for strengthening the security of consumption in business activities by implementing the provisions of the concept of corporate social responsibility have been applied. The value of the study lies in the substantiation of directions and mechanisms for ensuring the safety of consumption at the level of economic entities.