Этническая культура (Dec 2019)

Kola Saami Languages: Problem of Language Preservatiom and Functioning in the Urban Environment

  • Olga N. Ivanishcheva

Journal volume & issue
no. 1 (1)
pp. 24 – 26


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The article presents an analysis of the sociolinguistic situation in the Kola North with the Kildin Saami language. Purpose of work – to consider the historical reasons for the situation of the indigenous language of the North, as well as the current situation with educational programs in the Kildin Saami language. The following method was used in the study: descriptive method. The result of the analysis is that in the study indicates the directions of activity of state structures and Saami activists to improve the functioning of the language, shows that in the conditions of the Russian-speaking environment, the chance for the survival of a minority language has a distance education, recommendations to the activities for conservation and revitalization Kildin Saami language. The study showed that the most suitable teaching technology for the dispersed population is the organization of training on the basis of specially prepared distance learning courses integrated into a single system on the training portal, which not only organizes training in the form of transferring teaching and methodological material to the learner for assimilation, but also monitors and evaluates the knowledge gained in asynchronous mode, analysis of the quality of the passage of educational material.