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Design an expert system for evaluation and selection supplier

مدیریت صنعتی. 2015;7(2):385-403 DOI 10.22059/imj.2015.52516


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Journal Title: مدیریت صنعتی

ISSN: 2008-5885 (Print); 2423-5369 (Online)

Publisher: University of Tehran

Society/Institution: University of Tehran, Faculty of Management

LCC Subject Category: Social Sciences: Industries. Land use. Labor: Management. Industrial management

Country of publisher: Iran, Islamic Republic of

Language of fulltext: Persian

Full-text formats available: PDF



Hassanali Mohammadi Motlagh (MSc. Student in Information Technology, Faculty of Technical and Engineering, University of Qom, Iran)

Alireza Mohammadi Motlagh (BSc. in Software engineering, Faculty of Technical and Engineering, University of Razi, Iran)

Jalal Rezaee Noor (Assistant Prof., Faculty of Technical and Engineering, University of Qom, Iran)


Double blind peer review

Editorial Board

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Time From Submission to Publication: 15 weeks


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Suitable supplier selection is the most important factor in supplier chain management; so that correct decisions in this phase, caused to reduce costs, make permanent relationship with suppliers and strong competitive strategy in market. In this paper, by reviewing the past articles, important related criteria found and then weighting of criteria and evaluation of alternatives were done with fuzzy Delphi. By ranking the alternatives in fuzzy TOPSIS, five thresholds obtained for grouping in the future. The results that obtained from these computations, converted to knowledge base (KB) of Expert System for Supplier Evaluation (ESSE). The ESSE was designed in Java Expert System Shell (Jess), so that its KB could be updated in the future. To make a user friendly interface, java language was used. The proposed system and experts individually evaluated some sample alternatives and by compare the results, they were very close.