Iranian Journal of Electrical and Electronic Engineering (Sep 2015)

Circular Mean Filtering For Textures Noise Reduction

  • M. H Shakoor,
  • F. Tajeripour

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 11, no. 3
pp. 195 – 203


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In this paper, a special preprocessing operations (filter) is proposed to decrease the effects of noise of textures. This filter using average of circular neighbor points (Cmean) to reduce noise effect. Comparing this filter with other average filters such as square mean filter and square median filter indicates that it provides more noise reduction and increases the classification accuracy. After applying filter to noisy textures some Local Binary Pattern (LBP) variants are used for feature extraction. The Implementation part for noisy textures of Outex, UIUC and CUReT datasets shows that using proposed filter increases the classification accuracy significantly. Furthermore, a simple and new technique is proposed that increases the speed of c-mean filter noticeably.