Theriologia Ukrainica (Dec 2018)

The bat fauna (Chiropterа) of the Uzhanskyi National Park

  • Nelia Koval,
  • Andriy-Taras Bashta

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16
pp. 99 – 104


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The results of research on bats conducted in the territory of the Uzhanskyi National Park during 2008–2016 are presented. The bat fauna of the Park is represented by 20 species. A large area of old deciduous and mixed forests with high number of hollow trees explains the predominance of forest-dwelling species. The presence of a plenty of underground cavities creates favorable conditions for the settlement of troglophyle bat species. The Park’s area plays an important role in the existence of bat populations in periods of reproduction and hibernation. The present study also involved examination of 19 sacral buildings; about 60 % of them are important shelters for bats. Since 2015, ultrasound bat investigations (using Batcorder 3.0 stationary detector) have been conducted. These studies clarify the species composition and biotope preferences of bats in the Park. Analysis of bat ultrasonic signals confirmed the occurrence of Myotis bechsteinii here.