Silva Fennica (Jan 1982)

How forests should be studied in the future. Seminar on the research policy of the Society of Forestry in Finland

  • Finnish Society of Forest Science, -

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 16, no. 1


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The purpose of the seminar, arranged by the Finnish Society of Forest Science, was to instigate discussions which would bring up new approaches and research methods for studying forestry problems from both the biotechnical and socio-economical fields. Six papers were presented and over 70 opinions aired at the seminar. The following points were considered especially important from the point of view of the promotion of forestry research- Improving contacts between forestry and other branches of science and increasing international exchange of ideas and results.- Improving the effectiveness of research work through sound planning- Promotion and gaining benefit from diverse forms of research.- Arranging the further education of researchers in order to improve the professional standards of researchers. The PDF includes a summary in English.