International Journal of Data and Network Science (Jan 2022)

The effect of social media marketing on customer buying intention on the context of entrepre-neurial firms: Moderating role of customer involvement

  • Danah Al-Abed,
  • Alaeddin Mohammad Khalaf Ahmad,
  • Amani Al-Refai,
  • Mohammad Abuhashesh,
  • Ammar Abdallah,
  • Mohammad Ahmad Sumadi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 6, no. 4
pp. 1593 – 1608


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This study aims to provide comprehensive insights into the social media marketing characteristics affecting customer buying intention. The model was theoretically based on and explored using a quantitative approach. A survey strategy was adopted, and a five-point Likert questionnaire was distributed to Jordanian citizens. A total of 237 responses were received. The hypothesis testing followed structural equation modeling using SPSS software. The findings suggest that all social media marketing subcontracts exhibit a significant positive effect on buying intention, whereby accessibility is the highest. Customer involvement also moderates the relationship between social media marketing and customer buying intention. The proposed model provides new insights into social media marketing drivers affecting buying intentions and engagement with an entrepreneurial brand or product. This study reaffirms that social media marketing can significantly influence the success of Jordanian entrepreneurial firms and understanding how to use this tool effectively can significantly change how businesses operate.