Plant Methods (Apr 2021)

Propagation of desert moss Syntrichia caninervis in peat pellet: a method for rapidly obtaining large numbers of cloned gametophytes

  • Xiujin Liu,
  • Ping Zhou,
  • Xiaoshuang Li,
  • Daoyuan Zhang

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 17, no. 1
pp. 1 – 10


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Abstract Background Syntrichia caninervis is a typical desiccation tolerant moss that is a dominant species forming biological soil crusts in the Gurbantunggut Desert. This study investigated the effect of different explants on regeneration potential by propagating them on peat pellet. Result Juvenile and green leaves can regenerate secondary protonema within one week and shoots in one-half month in peat pellet. Rhizoids have a great ability to regenerate, and similar to leaf regeneration, secondary protonema is the dominant type of regenerant. The process of stem regeneration is similar to that of whole gametophytes. Stems are the most important integral body part during propagation. The whole gametophyte is the best materials for rapidly propagating gametophyte on peat pellet. Conclusion This article improves the state of our current knowledge of desiccation tolerant moss cultivation, highlighting efforts to effectively obtain a large number of gametophytes through different explant parts. This work provides a useful resource for the study of S. caninervis as well as biocrust restoration.