Jurnal Sosiologi Agama Indonesia (Dec 2023)

Tradisi Badantam sebagai Kearifan Lokal dalam Alek Perkawinan di Nagari Campago Padang Pariaman

  • Akdila Bulanov

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 4, no. 3


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This study discusses the Badantam tradition in the Kampung Kandang community in Pariaman. The Badantam tradition is one of the traditions thriving in society, notably manifested in traditional wedding ceremonies. Its primary aim is to raise funds. Participants in this tradition engage in friendly competition, striving to contribute as many donations as possible. Embedded in this tradition are noble cultural values and significant societal functions. A qualitative method was employed in this study. Data were collected through observation techniques, literature reviews, interviews, and recordings. The analysis involved describing the Badantam tradition's forms and identifying its functions and meanings. This research revealed various functions and meanings within the Badantam tradition. The functions identified include being part of the traditional wedding ceremony process, raising funds for these ceremonies, facilitating gatherings, preparing for Alek, and reinforcing Minangkabau culture. The Badantam tradition signifies self-respect, social control within the community, a reflection of the Piaman Baduya character, and cooperation.