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The Significance of Xi Jinping's "Chinese Dream" for Chinese Foreign Policy: From "Tao Guang Yang Hui" to "Fen Fa You Wei"

Journal of China and International Relations. 2015;3(1):53-73


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Journal Title: Journal of China and International Relations

ISSN: 2245-8921 (Online)

Publisher: Aalborg University Press

Society/Institution: Aalborg University

LCC Subject Category: Political science

Country of publisher: Denmark

Language of fulltext: Chinese, English

Full-text formats available: PDF



Camilla T.N. Sørensen


Double blind peer review

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Time From Submission to Publication: 30 weeks


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In order to gain a better understanding of the newer and more assertive features of Chinese foreign policy in recent years, this article examines Xi Jinping's "Chinese dream" for clues of how the Chinese leadership sees China's international role evolve. In their speeches and statements on the "Chinese dream", Chinese leaders generally promote it as a continuation of China's peaceful development strategy. However, looking more carefully there are some rather innovative elements, which support analyses from Chinese International Relations scholars that point to a gradual development of new thinking and a new approach in China’s foreign policy strategy under Xi that indicate big changes in the way that China engages with the international system.