Sustainability (2020-11-01)

Current Status, Barriers and Development Perspectives for Circular Bioeconomy in Polish South Baltic Area

  • Dariusz Mikielewicz,
  • Paweł Dąbrowski,
  • Roksana Bochniak,
  • Aleksandra Gołąbek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 12, no. 9155
p. 9155


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The following article presents the current legal situation in Poland as well as in the European Union. Data on biomass production in the Polish South Baltic area were analyzed, along with an indication of the key sectors for the development of bioeconomy. Presentation of the current state of biomass management was made and areas necessary for development were indicated to facilitate the sustainable management of biomass and waste generated during its processing. Differences between regions in the Polish South Baltic Area show how an individual approach in each of these areas is required. During the analysis, the most important barrier to the implementation of the circular economy was distinguished, which is the lack of an appropriate legal framework. This is to be changed by the Circular Economy Road Map, adopted in 2019.