International Journal of Interactive Mobile Technologies (Jun 2020)

Integration of Science learning Apps based on Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) in enhancing Students Science Process Skills (SPS)

  • Mohd Munir Baharom,
  • Noor Azean Atan,
  • Mohd Shafie Rosli,
  • Sanitah Yusof,
  • Mohd Zolkifli Abd Hamid

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 14, no. 09
pp. 95 – 109


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The teaching and learning process no longer has its focus on the classroom. There are various teaching methods which teachers can use these days. However, the traditional, passive and teacher-oriented methods of teaching Science are still being widely used and this has led to the deterioration of students’ interest in Science. Thus, this study was conducted to examine the effectiveness of Inquiry Based Science Education (IBSE) learning through apps in improving the level of students' mastery and achievement in the Science Process Skills (SPS). The study involved a total of 30 Year-6 students from a school in the district of Johor Bahru selected based on the their achievement in the Primary School Achievement Test. It took 5 weeks to complete the study which used quasi-experimental design of time series design followed by multiple repetitions of assessments before the post-test was given to the students. The results of the paired-samples t-test were found to be significant (t = - 11.119, df = 29, p <.05) which showed that, there was a difference in the level of the students’ performance in the pre- and post-tests. The quasi-experimental study of this series of time design used recurring measurements carried out on dependent variables and one-way ANOVA tests for repeated measures were used for the data analysis. The test results of Mauchly's Test of Sphericity showed that, there were significant differences in the three test scores F(1.63,47.4)=344, p<.05. The mean score values for test 2, test 3 and test 4 outweighed the mean of test 1. In addition, the graphical shape of plots profile shows that, teaching activities through apps enhanced students’ Science Process Skills (SPS). Therefore, it can be concluded that, the integration of Inquiry-Based Science Education (IBSE) in Science learning through Apps is capable of improving students’ mastery and achievement in their Science Process Skills (SPS).