Sustainability (Feb 2021)

Sustainable Care and Factors Associated with Quality of Life among Older Beneficiaries of Social Services

  • Mihaela Ghenta,
  • Aniela Matei,
  • Luise Mladen-Macovei,
  • Maria Denisa Vasilescu,
  • Elen-Silvana Bobârnat

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 13, no. 1572
p. 1572


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Population aging has led to an increased recognition of the problems encountered by older persons. As a consequence, the most recent years have been marked by a series of changes with regard to the organization and provision of social services for dependent older people. The aim of this article is to identify factors associated with the quality of life in old age, using a logistic regression applied to the data collected following a field survey among the beneficiaries of social services. The analysis revealed that men are more likely to appreciate that life does not make sense, compared to dependent elderly women. Age is also a significant factor that influences the quality of life: the older the people are, the more they tend to think in a positive manner about their life. Health, social participation and food are also important factors that influence the perception regarding the quality of life.