Methodos (2004-04-01)

Texte, Mathématiques, Philosophie et Sujet

  • Jean-Michel Salanskis

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 1


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Two reflexions are carried out in this article. The first one tries to judge the relationship between philosophy and its textualization after the relationship between mathematics and their textualization at three different levels : 1) trying to draw ways in which the mathematical text exceeds the logical form of teaching with regards to the relevance and the viability of a reduction of the philosophical text up to its logical form ; 2) setting the problem of an externalist study of the philosophical text in the light of the peculiar difficulties aroused by the externalist approach of the mathematical text ; 3) examining what concerns the hybridization of the philosophical and the mathematical in certain texts. The second one deals with a particular aspect of textualization : with the intervention of the marker of enunciation subject (« I ») in philosophical texts.