Pizhūhishnāmah-i Iqtiṣād-i Inirzhī-i Īrān (Oct 2014)

Exploring Cooperation between Iran and Turkmenistan for Natural Gas Exporting via Nabucco Pipeline: a Co-operative Game Theory Framework

  • Ghahreman Abdoli,
  • Farshad Momeni,
  • Abbas Shakeri,
  • Amir JAfarzadeh

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 12
pp. 117 – 144


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Following paper explores Iran & Turkmenistan's behavior in exporting natural gas to Europe. Taking this matter these two countries can be a potential of gas exporter to Europe. By using a framework of cooperative game theory, coalition among natural gas exporters and transmitters for the Nabucco Project has been explored. In this paper we answer the question whether the two countries should go to the coalition for exporting gas to Europe or not. Moreover, we calculate bargaining power of these two countries. By having outcomes of following paper one can conclude that the both countries have profits to make the coalition for gas exporting among the Nabucoo project. Iran has more bargaining power than Turkmenistan so Iran can play important and active role to make a coalition to export gas to Europe among the Nabucco project.