Ekonomiczne Problemy Usług (Jan 2017)

E-administracja w Polsce - jak daleko do osiągnięcia poziomu UE

  • Dorota Oniszczuk,
  • Marcin Rafalski

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 126


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E-government supports administration processes, improves the quality of services and the internal efficiency of the public sector. Research on e-services provided by the public admin­istration reveals that Poles tend to use less frequently digital channels for private contacts with e-government. A wide usage of modern information and communication technologies is an im­portant instrument for effective management in UKE. The implementation of planned solutions and the achievement of targeted KPI's should drive the number of customers using electronic services provided by the Office close to average values in EU countries and make it higher than the average use of Internet in dealing with administration matters in Poland.