Journal of Pragmatics Research (Apr 2020)

Turn Taking in Mata Najwa Talk Show "Ragu-Ragu Perpu" Episode: A Conversational Analysis

  • Firdaus Habibi,
  • Didin Nuruddin Hidayat,
  • Alek Alek

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2, no. 1
pp. 80 – 96


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The present research aims to investigate the key features of turn taking in Mata Najwa talk show about Ragu-ragu Perpu (doubtful of rules of law). In addition, the authors propose to describe the use of turn-taking features between speaker to listener in Mata Najwa talk show. Moreover, The authors utilize a qualitative research methodology by applying a descriptive analysis in the research. To collect the data, the authors select the specific types of turn-taking occured between. In analyzing the data, the authors implemented Jacob L. Mey analysis theory in which selected the types of turn-taking into several forms. For instance, taking the floor (starting up, taking over, interruption, and overlaps), holding the floor, and yielding the floor. The results indicated that the conversation between seven speakers during the talk show are dominated by interruptions and overlapping. It indicates that 24 utterences express the existance of interruptions, while 16 lucutors show the overlapping. Moreover, the speakers tend to use several strategies to hold the talk, including verbal fillers, silent pauses, and lexical repetitions. Within the context of Mata Najwa talk show program, the host of the Mata Najwa tends to apply greetings and questions in yielding the talk to the interlocutors. In conclusion, interruption and overlapping are the two features of turn-taking mostly occured during the conversation.