Āfāq-i Dīn (2012-10-01)

A Study of Caliphate in the Holy Quran

  • abdolah gholami

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 3, no. 10
pp. 5 – 18


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Among different types of Qura nic exegesis, tafsir-e tanzili (exegesis of Qura nic chapters according to their order of revelation) is a legal approach whose great subtleties are appreciated during the process of exegesis by the researcher. The author of this paper seeks to adopt tafsir-e tanzili to study the word caliphate in verses among ten Meccan and Medinan chapters of the Holy Quran. The findings are restricted to those revealed by this certain type of Qura nic exegesis in order to encourage further researches in this field.