Āfāq-i Dīn (Jan 2018)

Investigating and Responding to the Misgiving of the “Quran and the Culture of Androphilia” by Orientalists

  • seyedahmad hashemialiabadi

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 8, no. 31
pp. 155 – 179


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Among the interlaced questions in the field of linguistic discussions of the Quran, the question of how the Quran is spoken in cases that addresses men and women, or talk specifically about men and women, and in some cases, according to some scholars and Orientalists, the Quran is influenced by the culture of the male-dominated discourse of time and speaks with biased. This paper examined these doubts and explains some of the reasons for this. The result of this research is that the male Quranic discourse is not influenced by the culture of the time, but the dubious objectors have confused the linguistic discussions of the Quran with verbal or moral issues, and taking an one-sided look at the verses and ignoring the verses with the same subject matter and the meaning as well as the non-observance led to fragmentation of verses and misunderstandings. Also, their ignorance of discussions beyond the source such as the existence of germinal differences between men and women, and the specific roles and the principle of axial similarity, instead of the pivotal alignment, have led to a misunderstanding of this verse. The data of this research were gathered in a library and data processing manner using a critical analysis method