Littera Scripta (Aug 2019)

Personal Potentials of the Students in University of Defence on the Way of Professional Leadership

  • Eva Ambrozová, David Ullrich, František Milichovský

Journal volume & issue
no. 1/2019
pp. 7 – 15


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Paper describes the application of X-tream method on an analysis of personal potentials for the development of professional leadership. There was employed pilot study as one of project output. The pilot study was focused on identification and comparison of marginal indices, connected to the condition of personal dimension in the group of students of army leadership. Gained results from the pilot study provides a view on the application of X-tream method, which should help to choose a relevant person for stressing environment such army or security area. The main objective of the paper is the application X-tream method in army context. The sample population was 46 successful participants of leadership course, which was realized at the end of 2017.