Akofena (Jun 2024)

The Fatimid’s Social Engeneering in Egypt and Maghreb according to Historical References

  • Mohamed TELIBI

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 05, no. 012


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Abstract: This study aims to investigate the reasons behind the displacement of Beni Suleim and Beni Hilal communities from Egypt to Africa and the Maghreb region. Elmo'izz Ibn Badis Essenhadji's insurgency against the Fatimide Calife sparked a serious reaction from the Fatimide Minister Elayazori, who decided to move the insurging groups from Egypt to the Maghreb in order to realise two purposes: freeing Egypt from such groups and controlling the Maghreb through these groups, or at least to eradicate the Senhadja rebellions against Fatimide Califs, as was the case after a large immigration Keywords: Fatimide Calife, Elyazori, Elmo’izz Ibn Badis, Beni Hilal, Beni Suleim.