Advances in Mathematical Physics (Jan 2021)

The New Scramble for Faure Sequence Based on Irrational Numbers

  • Ali Mogharrabi O.,
  • Behrooz Fathi V.,
  • M. H. Behzadi,
  • R. Farnoosh

Journal volume & issue
Vol. 2021


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This article intends to review quasirandom sequences, especially the Faure sequence to introduce a new version of scrambled of this sequence based on irrational numbers, as follows to prove the success of this version of the random number sequence generator and use it in future calculations. We introduce this scramble of the Faure sequence and show the performance of this sequence in employed numerical codes to obtain successful test integrals. Here, we define a scrambling matrix so that its elements are irrational numbers. In addition, a new form of radical inverse function has been defined, which by combining it with our new matrix, we will have a sequence that not only has a better close uniform distribution than the previous sequences but also is a more accurate and efficient tool in estimating test integrals.