Развитие образования (Sep 2020)

Organization of Project Work of Elementary Schoolchildren in Familiarization With Traditional Festive Treats in Popular Culture

  • Natalya A. Zhestkova

Journal volume & issue
no. 3 (9)
pp. 93 – 96


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The author of the article pays special attention to the project method that has great potential for the formation of a certain system of intellectual skills and practical skills in schoolchildren, which contribute to the mastery of the activity component of the education content. It is outlined that the use of the project method in working with elementary schoolchildren implies four stages: organizational and preparatory, technological, generalizing, reflexive. It is also emphasized that the specificity of the implementation of each stage, due to the age characteristics of the schoolchildren, involves leadership in the joint search for the problem and the choice of ways to solve it; ensuring that every child is included in the planning and performance criteria for product development, consistent implementation and adequate evaluation; organization of reflexive work on understanding the process and results of individual and group productive and creative activities at organizational, preparatory, technological and generalizing stages; management of the project product design and evaluation processes. Methods. On the example of the creative project “Traditional festive treats in popular culture”, practical recommendations for organizing the project work of elementary schoolchildren as a mental prediction of what will then be created in the form of a project product, independent planning and time-fixed achievement of the goal are presented. Results. It was concluded that in elementary school age, project activities are a way of pedagogically organized development of the surrounding reality by the child, therefore its success is largely determined by the level of methodological preparation of the teacher.